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Exhibition volunteers’ training insights: Gallery visit and Headwrap

Gallery visit and Headwrap Workshop (19th Feb)

Written by Sara Bram

We started off this workshop by visiting Craft Central in Clerkenwell where the exhibition will take place. It was really useful to see the space as it made the process seem more concrete – to be able to visualise everything we’d talked about so far in a real space. Read more..

Exhibition volunteers’ training insights: Digital photography

Digital photography workshop (23rd Feb) 

Written by Sara Bram

Vikki Ellis, a photographer and teacher of photography at the college led the session. We started by discussing the proliferation of photography today due to camera phones and photo-sharing websites. Vikki warned us that Facebook owns the rights to any photos uploaded on that site. Read more..

Exhibition volunteers’ training insights: Film-making

Film-making workshop (21st Feb)

Written by Sara Bram

For our first film-making workshop, we learned the basics of film-making in general as well as discussing initial ideas for our own documentary. Read more..