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Exhibitions volunteers’ training insights: Web Development Workshop

Web Development Workshop (17th May)

Written by Michael Green 

As part of our training, all of the volunteers attended a website content development workshop, hosted by Richard Blissett. The workshop was designed to equip us with the necessary skills needed to maintain the exhibition website in the build up, and throughout, the exhibition. 

Situated at the City of Westminster College, Richard began by giving us a brief history of the Internet and the World Wide Web, explaining the differences between the two as a main starting point. We learnt that the Internet is the infrastructure, and that the World Wide Web is based on a HTTP protocol and is how we are able to access information through browsers such as Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Additionally, we learnt the differences between .com,, .gov, .net and many more.

What followed was a discussion on how to maximise the amount of ‘hits’ on a web page, using techniques such as incorporating key and specific words in the titles of blog posts as a means to making your website and blog post more relevant to someone’s Google search. Moreover, we were very interested to learn how little time people actually spend of a website –  many not making it past two clicks into a website. This fact highlighted the necessity of a website’s homepage to be interesting, informative and to communicate the most important information straight away.

We then put this into practice, creating our own blog post. We titled our post and then learnt how to insert an image that related to the exhibition, helping to create a more aesthetically pleasing blog post. Images are vital in order to engage your reader and also help to illustrate and visualise what is being written. After adding the finishing touches of a boarder and changing the size of the image, the post was ready to be published in the right section of the website. As a team, we all felt this gave us a valuable insight into creating successful and visually pleasing articles for the website.