Keeping the flame alive!


Soho is one of the most renowned and cosmopolitan areas in central London. It is a hub for the creative and media industries and, with its upscale restaurants, unique boutique clothing stores and vast array of shopping outlets, is a magnet for locals and visitors of all ages.

The 2nd Annual Soho Arts Fair 2013 will be held in Kingly Court, in the Carnaby Street area, a famous and historic location, perfect for highlighting local artistic talent and businesses to the millions of tourists descending on London for the Carnival Bank Holiday weekend. With some of London’s busiest shopping streets just a few minutes walk away, Kingly court is perfectly positioned to welcome visitors and locals alike, to a memorable artistic feast

“Soho is one of the first multicultural communities in the country and one of the last central London villages…” Cllr Glenys Roberts.
Aims and objectives of Art-Alive Arts Trust
  • To celebrate the importance, value and vibrancy of the arts in Soho
  • To provide a festival for visitors to the area and for those who live and work  locally
  • To bring Soho’s history to life
  • To provide an artistic showcase for Art-Alive participants
  • To encourage young, vulnerable adults to participate in a public event
Long-term objectives
Art can bring balance to young people’s lives, help build their self-confidence and self-esteem, and encourage them to positively contribute to their communities with their newly discovered and/or improved talent for art.
  • To provide artistic and educational support to vulnerable young adults
  • To raise the self-confidence, self-awareness and self-esteem of Art-Alive participants
  • To secure work placements for Art-Alive clients with local businesses.
  • To increase community cohesion between local businesses and residents
  • To increase the number of tourists visiting  Soho.
  • To safeguard and encourage the cultural resonance of Soho
  • To sustain the work that Art-Alive is doing in Westminster
  • To be part of the national movement to keep the London  Olympic 2012 flame alive



Champion of the Soho Arts Fair
Glenys Roberts has been councillor for Soho for twelve years and Lead Member for the area for much of that time. As a professional writer as well as politician  her objective has been to marry Soho’s twin roles as young peoples’ visitor destination and London’s creative hub. She immediately recognised Lanre’s vision of art as therapy and self expression no matter the artist’s background, and was able to arrange Council funding. She introduced Lanre to likeminded locals, including Fawn James of Soho Estates and Simon Quayle of Shaftesbury plc. who also generously stepped in to help. The result is the first ever Soho Art Fair which provides a show case for the young people who have been transformed by Lanre’s work with the Art Alive Arts Trust.    “I hope the Soho Art Fair will be an annual event,” says Cllr Roberts, “I know it would have the approval of all the greats who were inspired by Soho  including Dickens, Blake and John Logie Baird who first demonstrated television in Frith Street. The Art Fair is Soho’s contribution to the Olympic aims of leaving a legacy that will inspire  a generation.   I believe the Soho Arts Fair and the work of Art Alive Arts Trust will help to keep London’s 2012 Olympic flame alive.”